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This is the forum to troubleshoot and discuss the Muon Hunter project. ( Please read the forum posting rules before posting and enjoy sharing.
Forum rules
Please be patient and sensible to other users. This forum was created to help each other with issues, share constructive ideas and build a community based on mutual respect. Everyone sharing these principles is welcome here. Treat others at least as well as you would like to be treated and enjoy muon hunting.

Muon Hunter operates a zero tolerance policy on harassment, spamming, posting illegal or irrelevant content, bullying, inflated head syndrome and other forms of indecencies. The bar is set high, so think twice before posting judgemental messages or messages with negative emotional content. Some posts that are fine on other typical social sites might not be fine here. Users can be warned, posts can be deleted without notification and worst offenders not complying with the principles above will be banned under the same terms. The sanctions might not happen in the order listed above.

Users are liable for their own posts, the creator of the forum can not be held liable for user content or behaviour.
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